This is my training log from Feb 1, 2009 to July 26, 2009. Ironman USA - Lake Placid New York.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wednesday Brick

I started out with a 30 minute easy spin on the Computrainer. I picked a relatively flat course. I’ve only ridden in Ergo mode for a while. It was interesting to see that power was at about 65% but my left leg was a bit stronger than my right. It’s usually the other way around, although, most of the time the readings were about 52 – 48, so it’s not a really big deal either way I guess.

I got nice and warmed up, which is another way to say hot and sweaty over the 30 minutes. I dried myself off, got changed and headed out the door for a 2:20 run. I threaded through town, over to the club on Vandorf and out past Warden. I turned around at the 70 minute mark and headed back. I tuck exactly to my zone 2 heart rate, and made it back a minute and a half quicker than the run out took me. I lost a minute or so fighting with a couple3 of idiot kids in an SUV on the way back that seemed to be trying to push me off the road. There really are idiots out there. I’m glad they backed off. I was pretty tired at that point.

My average heart rate was 125 on a 6:13 pace.

I think I have tomorrow off. It’s going to be nice to just sleep in for a change.


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