This is my training log from Feb 1, 2009 to July 26, 2009. Ironman USA - Lake Placid New York.

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday - 3 hour bike and 5k run

And so, another long weekend of training comes to an end, as does a 2 week build.

Today I went and helped out a bit at the Hartwell Challenge for a few hours. I got to be the parking lot Nazi keeping everyone out who wasn't supposed to be there. Difficult job because I wasn't supposed to use the "F" word which, for anyone who knows me, is a very difficult thing!

I got back home at about 9:00 and decided that I'd do my ride inside on the computrainer. The plan called for a 2 or 3 hour ride. At about the hour and half mark I was thinking maybe I'd just do the 2. At 2 I thought 2.5 and then ended up by doing the full 3.

I was paying lots of attention to cadence and wanting to see how keeping in my zone with high cadence felt on the run afterwards. I rode the Lake Placid real video route. The tape reads 3:00:00 - Average wattage very low at 112, speed 21km/h and an average cadence 84.

I went out for my run right afterwards and did my old 5k route out to Bathurst and back on Kennedy and George. I didn't other with a heart rate monitor, but ran by feel. I felt like I was dragging a bit after I started. My legs felt OK, but I just felt like I was running slowly. I felt faster near the end and finished the 5k in 27.5 minutes. I think that's fairly respectable time. Now I need to work on bringing up the wattage a bit, which should increase the speed, but if I keep the cadence the same, it should leave my legs in great shape for the run.

I'm starting to get a bit excited about the Ironman race coming up. 90 days will go by very quickly I know!


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