This is my training log from Feb 1, 2009 to July 26, 2009. Ironman USA - Lake Placid New York.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday Swim and Run

Because those useless, no brains, no balls, good for nothing, lazy piece of crap Unionized Toronto garbage men went on strike last night, the Douglas Snow pool was closed today. It was great that Adam was able to secure the pool at Glendon Collage for us. That pool, although short, is a great pool. Swimming with the sunlight beaming in through the glass side of the pool was beautiful. Another nice mix of 400 meter drills mixed in with lots of free style made the one hour go by pretty quickly.

I usually get home ASAP and head out for my run, but I think for the next while, I’m going to try to do my outdoor training later in the day when it’s hotter outside. It could be hot on Ironman day. God knows we’ve had enough cold, wet weather training to last a lifetime! I’ll do my 45 minute run at noon today.

Afternoon Run
oh yea - great idea running in the afternoon. Humidex reads 32 degrees - I ran out to Sonowball and back in exactly 45 minutes. Got a shower, still sweating for another half hour. Average Heartrate was 136 - mid to high zone 3 - I'll have to dial that back a bit I guess!


Blogger Willem said...

Wise words well spoken!


June 22, 2009 at 11:05 a.m.


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