This is my training log from Feb 1, 2009 to July 26, 2009. Ironman USA - Lake Placid New York.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Thursday Brick

I met Bryan and Willem at the lake at 6:00 this morning. Actually, I got there about 20 minutes early so I had a nice warm up and was part way down the lake when they came. Nice to finally figure out how to get to the other end of the lake before them. I just need a 250 meter head start, that’s all!

It was pretty cool actually. I was watching down the lake, looking into the sun, to see when they started to swim. The sun had risen above the trees and was really bright. All I could see was the light shine through the splashing that their arms made. It looked like silver splashes of fish jumping or something. The lake was beautiful. Well, as beautiful as that thing gets anyway. Nice and warm, not a ripple on the water. Very serine!

I saw more arms cutting through the water behind the guys. It turned out to be Cindy ad Allan and some of their gang coming out too. It was cool being at the other end chatting with all these folks for a bit.

The swim back took 19.5 minutes for me. I was pretty happy with that time. Most of the rest of the gang beat me, but not by a all that much.

Bryan headed back out with Cindy and a couple of their gang. Allan, Willem and I got out, chatted for a bit and then headed away.

I came home, got my bike from the Computrainer and headed out for a nice 1 hour ride. Out along Aurora Road, south on McGowan and back along Vandorf Sideroad. No wind, not too hot, an absolutely gorgeous day for a ride. I was disappointed when I got back home to see I’d averaged 25 kph. I was watching my power zone, but I’m not too excited about my average speed being down by 2 – 2.5 kph this year.

The bike feels brand new again though after getting it back from Bike Sports in Newmarket with new tires and tubes, chain and rear chain rings. Whoever ends up buying this bike is getting one hell of a deal on a great ride!


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