This is my training log from Feb 1, 2009 to July 26, 2009. Ironman USA - Lake Placid New York.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Wednesday - Canada Day Brick

I got up and did the one hour bike ride on the Computrainer. I could have unhooked it all and dragged it outside, but I was too lazy. It had been a while since I watched that Rolling Stones concert anyway! The hour went by quickly. It was nice to just relax, set it for mid zone 2 and go until the time was up.

I toweled down , changed and got out the door pretty quickly. The sky looked pretty ominous but the weather forecast read that it shouldn’t start raining until this afternoon. Nadia told me that she and Christine, Jen and a few others were going to be at the G.W. Williams track doing speed work so I headed over that way. I had 3 hours to do and couldn’t really decide where I wanted to head to.
Nobody at the school. So I guess they were at the club. I ran over there but didn’t see the cars. Vandorf to Leslie is pretty hilly, so I headed out that way. I was thinking of doing the Kennedy Wellington loop again, but past Leslie it’s relatively flat. I headed south on Leslie to Stouffville Sideroad and then north on Bayview. There were some good hills along that stretch of road. I looped up to the lake to see if anyone was swimming. There was one person way out and a couple of other folks getting out at the south east corner of the lake. I can’t figure out why they do that. It’s so difficult to get in there as opposed to going in from the canoe club. I ran back down along the south end of the lake and out to Yonge Street. I took King out to Bathurst up to Kennedy and back to my house.

The run ended up being 31k in 3:11, a 6:11 pace. My average heart rate was 121, just about smack on mid zone 2, and . . . . the rainy weather held off for me. A Canada present from God to me I guess!


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